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The United Braids of Amelia

Saturday, January 31st, 2004
 The United Braids of Amelia

The United Braids of Amelia

Amelia Zegovia, artist….

My sister is a 26 year old artist living and working in San Francisco. She’s overcome much adversity in her life and her art is as much of a testament to it as it is an expression of it. Inside her, she has an entire reality both coinciding and existing beyond the reality we know and occasionally take for granted. Her art is the mechanism by which, I believe she preserveres and truly shines.

About 7 years ago, I waited tables at the cafe where she held she one of her first exhibitions. After everything was hanging from the walls and ceilings, and she was finallly resting after weeks of purging herself artistically, there I was, waiting tables in a room adorned with her art, not to mention overhearing patrons conversations and reactions to the show.

Some loved it, some hated it, nobody had any reservations talking to me about it, not knowing the artist was my sister. Some critiques were harsh, and I wouldn’t have the heart to tell my sis. But she would return after hours to check on things and I would literally watch her eyes twinkle as she appeared to float in a room with her “babies” all over the place.

The point I am trying to make is that my sister doesn’t make art for anybody but herself. ONLY for her own need to articulate herself TO herself. Needless to say, her courage has been a bottomless well of encouragement for me, and in turn, I hope my images, my art, my courage, is an inspiration to others, but if its not, who cares, its not really for you anyway