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Day at Shonan

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

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Yasuko and I went to Shonan for the second week in a row. We took the romance car down there, just the two of us this time. The skies were bluer than I had seen them in a while. For some reason, good weather meant small waves I oddly thought but this day they waves were huge. I felt like I was flying over them at times. Swimming is such a wild thing. I have always said that if there are aliens out there paying any attention, they are likely most interested in 1.) Trees and 2.) Water Sports. Its such a still un-ruined thing to do, and purely unadulterated fun. I got wicked sunburned but it was no matter. We had blue skies, big poofy white clouds, Fuji-san, and each other. This was our sunset.

Naked Bomb

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

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Edogawa Hanabi

I went to Hanabi in Edogawa with Yasuko. They began as we were walking down the shotengai to get to the river which will be a memory forever stained on my brain. As we were walking down the old street with the fireworks going off right at the end of it, a perfect summer night, it looked like something from a cartoon.

She spotted some funny little odds and end clothing shop with a cute little something hanging in the window. I ending up buying it for her. It funny little red-and-white-striped, towel tube one piece sorta thing to wear around the house and oh my god, she looks so cute in it.

We went down to the river and made a pallet out of the morning newspaper that she brought. We took of our shoes and got comfortable. I laid on my side with my ear to my shoulder, arm stretched out and spooned her. She propped her head up with her hand and nestled it back into my neck. It was a weird pretzel configuration that in all my years of snuggling I don’t believe I had tried yet. I could see right through the triangle of her head and arm, was a comfortable as a hibernating bear, and even dozed off.

I awoke 10 minutes later. Neither of us had budged. This is the photo I took from her little window.

Fuck a Duck

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

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From the time I was about 6 til the time I was about 13, I used to play Legos with my best friend, Blake Stall who lived down the street from me. We also played G.I. Joe, Atari, and lots of other stuff. Sometimes, we would get all the kids on the street together and play “retardo-bowl” which bas basically playing football like we were all “mentally-handicapped.” How terrible….

Anyway, He would always say, “Fuck a duck.” I think he got it from hunting with his old man. Damn, I’m from a backwards place…

This photo is a tribute to good ol’ Blake…