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The Height of the Tsunami

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
 The Height of the Tsunami

Our crew just returned to Tokyo from our first visit to the earthquake and tsunami-affected areas of Ishinomaki and Onagawa. We went in effort to visit the victims and help rebuild and restart their family photo albums. While we put together a report about our humbling experience there, have a look at what they were up against.

This gives you some scale. Nothing but the roof of this building was above the wall of water and earth that engulfed the town of Onagawa. This was their train station.

Tohoku Photo Album Project

Friday, September 23rd, 2011
 Tohoku Photo Album Project


Hey Photog Friends!

Wish I had thought about this earlier! I’m heading up to Tohoku in just a few hours, with a small crew of people, a mobile photography lab, and a car full of empty photo albums. We’re gonna try to help people affected by the earthquake get a fresh start with new family photo albums. We’re gonna shoot the participants, print the photos on the spot, and fill the first few pages of these albums to get them started. But it JUST dawned on me that they may have no way of filling the rest of the pages, i.e., no camera! DUH! So… I’m gonna offer all my old cameras loaded with film to the participants. And while I have many, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have many more. And digital is probably the way to go but you know how Japanese love their film too!

So… Anybody have an old digital (or working film) camera they don’t use and are willing to donate to this cause? Anybody happen to be able to pass anything off in the next 2-3 hours in, say, Shibuya? If yes, send me a mail immediately and I’ll arrange to meet you.

This is expected to be the first of several trips we will be taking for this effort from now until March and so if you can’t rally with such late notice, but still have cameras (or albums or anything photo related or whatever) probably in the near future is fine. Get in touch with me and will figure it out.

Thanks for your consideration and look out for more news on this…

UPDATE: We are leaving now, so can’t meet anybody now, but be in touch. Also it was suggested I add a paypal account if anybody wants to make a donation to this effort. For the time being, please direct any funds for this project to Thanks again!!!

Photo by Shiho Fukuda